DoTERRA | Essential Oil ‘Drop Into Life’ Colour Psychology Class

DoTERRA | Essential Oil ‘Drop Into Life’ Colour Psychology Class

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Essential Oils & Drop into Life Colour & Essential Oils Care System


Start Your Essential Oil & Colour Transfornation Journey Today!


Thinking about using Essential Oils or New

to Essential Oils, then this is just for you!


Learn how to use your oils effectively in your Beauty Routine


You can join a workshop in the following formats

  1. In Person (Not Currently Available)
  2. Online Zoom Classes (1.5 Hour x 3 Classes)

The Drop into Life™ Colour & Essential Oils Care System

  • Drop Into Life™ is a brand new and exciting system.  It uses the transformative power of colour and essential oils to help people achieve their potential. 
  • A pivotal tool is this system is the Drop into Life™ Colour & Essential Oils Care Kit. It includes a Guidebook and Cards.      


  • You’ll love the accuracy and depth of meaning of the colour interpretations in the Guidebook and Cards. When you choose a colour, it’s like your loving inner wisdom is calling you. It invites you to become aware of qualities that define your essence, that you may not have appreciated.
  • The Guidebook and Cards will help you realise who you truly are and what you are experiencing at any given moment. They will also give you a profound yet easy way to change your life by using the recommended essential oils and affirmations.  
  • The insights of the colours can sometimes take your breath away, or make you laugh out loud.  At other times they may so touch your heart that you may be moved to tears.  You may find them as words of comfort, or of strength and clarity in times of uncertainty, or as an inspiration to engage more with life and be filled with more hope and excitement.
  • You will gain immense benefit if you let them become your daily companions on your journey through life.


You are under no obligation to buy products,

but you will learn what you need to know to gain valuable insights into the dynamics of colour, their frequencies and importance in a naturally nurturing experience promoting wellness and safeguarding yourself from from toxins.


In Person Workshop costs ONLY $75 to register

Includes making 3 x Essential Oil Roller Blend:

Drop into Life Components

  • Colour gives you insights and enhanced emotions;
  • Affirmations give you positive focus and
  • Essential Oils contribute their wellbeing energies and anchor in the positive focus so you become in energetic alignment with what you seek and so attract more positive experiences to yourself

Take home your products & FREE

  • Essential Oil Roller Blend
  • Colour and Oil reading
  • Essential Oil Roller to take home
  • Affirmation Card
  • FREE access to our ‘Natures Real Beauty’  online community group


We invite you to take this opportunity to learn how you can gain valuable insights through the Drop Into Life Colour System in this 3 x 1.5 hour session that is interactive and informative.


Additional products and ingredients available to order on online from as little at $15.


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